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Hair Extensions

Years into my career I fell in love with the art of extensions and the versatility they offer. It's very rewarding to be able to offer a service that help women feel confident and beautiful because they're in love with their luscious locks.   I became certified in various extension methods by completing any and all education I could. I aspire to bring the best of extensions to all my clients. I offer the highest quality cuticle,100% Remy human hair with a vast color shade range. Tailored to fit your lifestyle and specific needs. Let's talk methods...  


Invisible Bead Extensions

I.B.E. utilizes hand tied wefts to achieve a seamless extension. The emphasis on proper tension, placement and flexibility is the focus for this method to offer a beadless flip up. There is no contact of the bead with the scalp, allowing a comfortable extension experience. Removal and reinstall is done at 7-9 weeks. 

This method is ideal for clients that:

  • Live active lifestyles

  • Have tender/sensitive scalps 

  • Like to wear ponytails


Sew In Volume Weft

A volume weft's hair has been machine tied and therefor can be custom cut to be placed in rows. It is strategically sewn onto the natural hair after a silicone lined beaded foundation is placed. This method requires a 6-week maintenance in which the weft and beads will be moved up. 

This method is ideal for clients that:

  • Want to add maximum volume

  • Have coarse or thick hair

  • Don't want a heat application


K - Tip Extensions

K Tip extensions are individual pieces of hair installed using a fusion technique. They are partially made of the same naturally occurring protein found in your hair.  The K Tips are safely bonded close to the root allowing free movement and maintaining a natural layered texture and feel to your hair.  This method requires a full removal in about 4-5 months in which case the hair is not reusable. 


This method is ideal for clients that:

  • Have fine hair

  • Want long term wear 

  • Live active lifestyles

  • Want maximum versatility for styling


Tape - in Extensions

Tape In extensions are wefts of hair that are securely applied using a medical grade adhesive by sandwiching the natural hair between two pieces. Usually placed in a bricklayer pattern. This method requires a 6-week maintenance in which the tapes will be removed, retaped and reinstalled. 

This method is ideal for clients that:​

  • Want a quick application

  • Want to achieve a layered look

  • Have fine hair

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